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An Introduction... 
Having trained at the prestigious National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy Garry prides himself on his reputation and commitment to helping his clients. 
Fluent in all major types of therapy and counselling, including NLP, Garry offers a safe, comfortable environment, to help you achieve the goals you have. Garry's dedication to helping his clients get what they want out of life is one of the reasons he has such a high rate of referrals. Clients visit not only from Nottingham and Derby, but right across the East Midlands area. 
Bound by a strict code of ethics and operating within set procedures outlined by fellow training organisations and governing bodies, you can rest assured that appointments are undertaken in a strictly confidential manner, no matter how bad you think your problem is. 
Whatever your problem... 
Many issues are regularly helped using hypnotherapy including:- 
Weight Loss 
Stopping Smoking 
Self Esteem 
Anger Management 
The list is endless, so if your problem is not listed, just get in touch and see what we can do. I have a great deal of experience in all matters, and you may well be surprised at how hypnosis can help you. 
Professional Registration 
Rest assured YOU come first at Ripley Hypnotherapy services, your success is our success! You are in safe hands as we are members of the CNHC (Dept. of Health recommended) and the NCH.  
Come and find out why more and more people are choosing us for hypnotherapy to help them get the life they want! Look around and see what we offer when compared to other therapists -longer hours, longer FREE consultations and quality therapy means better results. 
For further information or to book your FREE consultation call Garry now on  
Freephone 01332 492016 or visit www.ripleyhypnotherapy.co.uk  
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Online Therapy 
More and more people are choosing to use online therapy. This is sometimes as they live too far from my practice to reasonably get, but also if they cannot get for other reasons, such as not being able to leave the house or something similar. For some people, this can mean that they can get access to the quality service we provide even if they live too far to reasonably travel. 
How To Do It 
All you need to do online therapy is a computer or laptop with a camera connected to it. You can either download Skype – Skype is a free service which allows you to make video calls to other users TOTALLY FREE. It is safe and is used safely by millions of people worldwide. Or if you have a Facebook account you might be able to do video calling on there just as easily. 
Hypnosis Explained 
No swinging watches, no loss of control, no sleep, no getting ‘stuck’ in a hypnotic trance state. The best way to describe hypnosis is to see it as a way to change the way you think, or to re train your brain to see things differently. When you start to think differently you start to feel differently and then act differently. Hypnosis is an amazing feat of human nature, we are all capable of so much more than we currently do! 
There are four levels of brain wave activity, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. The top level, Beta, is complete consciousness and the deepest level, Delta, is deep unconscious sleep. The light relaxed state of Alpha is all that is necessary to achieve in order to make behavior changes. This is why most people do not think they are “hypnotized” because we have all been misled as to what hypnosis really is. 
There is no blindly following instructions, its just you in an altered state of awareness, which facilitates change more easily. So there, we can rule out one of the public’s main fears about hypnosis – you ARE still in control, no one is automatically able to control you to do ANYTHING you don’t want to. You can't get stuck in hypnosis, just like you can't get stuck in a day dream. And you wont be expected to eat an onion and enjoy it like an apple- unless you want to!! I'm a clinical hypnotist not a stage hypnotist. 
You should see therapy as being about strength NOT weakness! Knowledge is power and learning more about yourself and your own capabilities is a skill we all need to use more. 
Using Skype 
Click on the logo to download Skype. 
When you have downloaded it to your pc, just add RipleyHypno to your friends list (if you find this difficult, email me with your Skype name and i will add you instead). 
Normal sessions fees and conditions apply. If using this method, payment for each session is required one week in advance. 
Contact us for more details. 
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