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An Introduction... 
Susan has had a full and busy career, having in the past set up and run a large multi-disciplinary complementary health centre, worked as Consultant Acupuncturist to Toyota Derby and liaised with doctors and other health professionals. Primarily Susan operates a busy general practice in Ripley, Derbyshire though appointments may still be made for her Ashbourne clinic if required. 
Her approach and method of diagnosis and treatment fuses both the Five Element and the T.C.M. styles of Acupuncture, with a consistently high degree of successful results for her patients.  
Does Acupuncture hurt? 
In the hands of a well-trained Acupuncturist, only very fine needles are used, with a fast and light needle technique - you should feel very little! 
What about the needles? 
Only single use, sterilized disposable acupuncture needles are used. At the end of each and every treatment session the needles are immediately disposed of into a clinical waste sharps bin. 
What happens on my first visit? 
Your first visit will take approximately 90 minutes during which time, a very in depth consultation will take place. The initial treatment will only commence once a thorough understanding has been achieved. At this point you may be asked to relax whilst fully clothed and the ultra fine needles will be administered accordingly.  
It is then your choice if you prefer peace and quiet whilst the needles are in place or if you prefer Susan to remain by your side for a chat - whichever you require. 
Pain Relief and Stopping Smoking 
Acupuncture is an evidence based method of pain relief which may be used for both acute and chronic disorders including arthritis, sciatica and general injuries, to name but a few. Call now to see if it may be of help to you! 
Through extensive clinical use, acupuncture has proved to be an effective treatment that has helped many people to overcome their tobacco addiction, and indeed has helped many people in their withdrawal from other addictive substances. Because of its proven effectiveness, acupuncture is widely used in drug detox clinics around the world. 
Five Element Acupuncture 
What Is Five Element Acupuncture? 
Five Element Acupuncture is a style of Acupuncture based on the premise that this world, nature, and us as a part of it, all consist of a balance of Five Elements, of which one element predominates in each person. This predominant element is called the Causative Factor, or Constitutional Type of each person.  
There are no set points for each person used in Five Element style treatments, rather, treatment is based on the underlying Causative Factor of each person, and acupuncture points used are chosen accordingly. 
For further information or to book an appointment 
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Cosmetic Acupuncture 
In response to numerous patients asking for Cosmetic Acupuncture, in 2006, Susan went on to train in Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation with Virginia Doran, a well known and highly respected expert Facial Acupuncturist based in the U.S.A. 
Virginia's techniques are powerful and precise and she has appeared in many magazines and on numerous American television channels. 
Facial Acupuncture is becoming more often requested, as women are increasingly looking for a natural, safe alternative to fillers and Botox. Some patients simply use it to prolong and maintain their good looks and to postpone their face lifts by some years! 
For a quotation please call 01773 746105 now 
T.C.M. Acupuncture 
T.C.M. style of treatment is very much based on analysing out an illness into a set of patterns of pathology - or 'syndromes' - every pattern clearly and precisely corresponds to particular clearly defined symptoms, and a corresponding pulse pattern or pulse quality.  
Once the syndromes have been identified, the priority for treatment is established and set acupuncture points are used for each pattern of dysfunction. 
In Oriental medicine we read and interpret 6 pulses on each wrist, with each pulse representing a particular organ and system. Pulse volumes are measured and noted, the weaker the pulse in a system, the lower the energy is in that system, and pulse qualities are also clearly noted.  
Chinese medicine recognises 28 pulse qualities, including obvious ones such as too fast, or too slow, but we also have clearly defined and recognisable pulses such as choppy, wiry, leather, hidden, knotted, deep, slippery.... Each and every one of these pulses has particular significance, they all inform the treatment strategy, and reflect the progress of the patient. 
Fertility Treatments & Womens Health 
In addition to her general practices, Susan specialises in women's health and in male and female infertility. Such problems as heavy and/or painful periods, menopausal problems with hot flashes, ongoing menstrual bleeding and additionally fertility issues such as recurrent miscarriage, failure to conceive with unexplained infertility, poor sperm quality, poor sperm motility are all regularly treated with success. 
A wonderful pregnancy is what all mothers to be dream of. Acupuncture can be of huge assistance in alleviating symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue, and is proven to turn a high percentage of babies in utero into the correct position for labour. 
Acupuncture is also clinically proven to help reduce side effects of fertility drugs used in I.V.F. cycles, plus ensuring less miscarriage, better implantation and healthier babies and Mums at the end of the pregnancy.  
Whatever the problem just ask to see if acupuncture may be of assistance to you. 
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